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The Digital Journey of Investors – Part 1

Published: 28 May, 2016

We are selling to empowered investors. Today investors are better informed than ever before. By the time they approach fund, asset and investment managers they pretty much have a clear idea of the funds, the strategies available and what the amount that they are willing to invest and the returns that they are looking for. This new environment punishes process oriented sales people, and favours adaptable and creative sellers who challenge investors with disruptive insights into their own investment strategies.

The biggest challenge we are ProFundCom see with our own clients isn’t their ability to sell but their investors’ ability to learn.

The best sales and asset raising teams continually and consistently excel at teaching the investors, revealing novel and important information that the investors has overlooked. This is where the sales team moves into the role of a “trusted advisor”.

In the series, we will look at selling to empowered investors using judgment and creativity in the assessment and development of your pipeline focusing exclusively on the digital channels in the following 4 articles over the next few months:

  • Aware – do your prospects know who you are and do you know them
  • Connecting – via digital with prospects and investors and using digital insights form email, web and video and social
  • Convincing – about your fund and strategies to invest more with digital insights and deep analytics
  • Collaborating – helping people to invest and helping them through the process of investing with you

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