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The ProFundCom platform gives unparalleled insights into a companies’ funds, prospects and investors and proactively helps to identify opportunities to both raise and preserve AuM

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Why do leading financial institutions use the ProFundCom platform?






Automation and
Operational Efficiency

01 Marketing ROI

Assuring the effectiveness of digital marketing is one of the greatest challenges facing financial services firms. Marketing teams are under increasing pressure to demonstrate the value of marketing campaigns and the impact their work has throughout the entire marketing and sales funnel. ProFundCom provides a single view of business intelligence together with ROI reporting on your marketing campaigns, aggregating data from:





Investor Portals

Marketing Data

02 Raising Assets

In the digital era, sales and marketing teams need to become more aligned and the most successful operations are when the marketing teams can successfully push leads to the sales teams. ProFundCom provides advanced reporting mechanisms built specifically for financial services that cannot be provided by existing market players. We report on cross-selling opportunities, when a prospect has suddenly started reading your information and when an investor is not engaging at all and might be looking to redeem. This information can also be fed back into any CRM so, together with web and social engagement, you can access a 360 degree view of how an investor or prospect is engaging with you.

03 Automation and Operational Efficiency

As digital marketing evolves, investors have come to expect a personalised and unique experience. Strong customer relationships are paramount and asset management firms are beginning to understand that if they don’t adapt to the customer-centric approach, others will get there before them. ProFundCom specialises in marketing automation dedicated to the financial services vertical. Providing a flexible approach that integrates with multiple systems and APIs to deliver a holistic view of your digital marketing efforts, whilst focusing on the unique requirements placed on financial services due to compliance and regulation.

Integrates with your existing CRM and other systems

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