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The Digital Journey of Investors – Part 2 – Awareness

Published: 16 June, 2016

In the posting The Digital Journey of Investors – Part 1, I described how the investor community is more empowered and better informed than ever before. By the time the investor approaches the fund manager, they pretty much have a clear idea of the fund’s performance, the strategies available, the amount they are willing to invest and the returns that they are looking for.

The biggest challenge we see with our own clients, isn’t their ability to sell but their investors’ ability to learn. This series looks at the various steps that we have mapped out.


Build the brand and awareness of your fund. There is a prescribed formula that we consistently see working and we have listed the various steps below. The challenge is not to do these on an ad-hoc basis but as part of a defined campaign and content plan. You don’t need to so all of them but pick ones that you feel you can manage and make sure that you are being compliant.

  • Outbound calling
  • Email
  • Advertising
  • PR/ Industry coverage
  • Video
  • Word of mouth
  • Events
  • LinkedIn
  • Thought Leadership

Be research lead – this is the secret sauce

Most of our clients who are successful in raising assets have a dedicated cold calling and research person, responsible for building awareness of the fund, the strategy and setting initial meetings. These roles can be expanded as needed, but requires at least one dedicated person. The keyword is RESEARCH.

marketing automation and content

Production of thought leadership pieces that are important to the people that are looking at multiple funds, is one of the best ways to be “front-of-mind”. As a fund, you need to demonstrate that you are bringing ideas and thoughts to the table that positions you firmly as a trusted advisor or at worst, a thought leader. This cannot be self-serving content – in any way, shape or form.

Next in the series – Step 3 – Connecting with Potential Investors

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