Published: 23 May, 2023

How To Make Digital Marketing Your Asset Raising Saviour – Part Five – Identify Prospect and Investors

This is the fifth and final piece in a series of articles about how you can make digital marketing your asset-raising saviour.

Everything I’ve talked about in this series – content, distribution and analytics –  boils down to one thing:

Identifying those people who are on your radar and can make a difference to AuM, either positively, through investing, or negatively, through redeeming.

This means finding four main categories of prospect and client:

  • Prospects who are highly engaged with your content and look at pretty much everything you send them – but haven’t yet spoken to sales. These people are likely to be ready to invest and should be an immediate target for a sales call.
  • Prospects who previously stopped looking at your content – but have now started again. They may have gone elsewhere, but are now looking at your firm again and could be ready to invest.
  • Existing investors who have started engaging with content related to products they don’t currently hold, which points to a cross-selling opportunity.
  • Your current investors who have suddenly stopped looking at and engaging with your content. This is a red flag for a potential redemption, so a call from sales is needed to try and head them off.

These four categories of people are the gold at the end of your digital marketing rainbow, as it is they who can move the needle in terms of increased AuM.

When you know who they are, you can tell your sales team via a lead deck in your CRM, which shows a snapshot of sales-qualified leads, detailing what each client and prospect is engaging with and what they’re interested in. This is incredibly powerful information that can make all the difference in a sales conversation.

But this pot of analytical gold has a further use, as it also helps marketing teams to justify their existence, by drawing a direct parallel between list growth, marketing activity, and sales.

This is particularly important during harsh economic times because – along with business class flights and biscuits in meetings – it is the marketing team that suffers cuts as soon as belts get tightened.

That is obviously insane and completely counter-productive. But it happens, as often no clear line can be drawn between marketing activity and the bottom line. So, you can’t show you’re doing a good job, even if you are – as you have no proof.

When that’s the case, it’s no wonder that marketing is first in the firing line – as it’s difficult to persuade a purse-holder to carry on spending money on something that isn’t proven to be working. Hard numbers are what count.

But when you have systems in place that show where money is actually coming from, then the C-suite has direct evidence that marketing works and will act accordingly.

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