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In this Explainer Video, we highlight who the winners and losers in digital marketing will be. We look at how ProFundCom helps finance companies to harness their digital data across multiple channels to raise and preserve AuM.

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The ProFundCom Product Sheet details the various parts of the platform, the clients we work with as well as details the AppStore.


Communication - Creates client-centric experiences

By tracking digital behaviour, ProFundCom helps you assess the likes and interests of your clients and prospects. You can use this knowledge to create targeted investor experiences based on specific behaviour and workflows. This personal touch builds trust and makes people more likely to invest with you.

“The core of our business is communication and the core of our communication is ProFundCom for the last 12 years”

– Mark Wolff, London Capital

ProFundCom Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation - Connects marketing and sales teams

The key to better performance is the ability of marketing teams to supply pertinent information that can be used by sales teams to raise and preserve AuM.

ProFundCom makes this easy through reporting mechanisms that identify cross-selling opportunities, shows when investors may be looking to redeem, and identifies prospects who are suddenly engaging with you.

“With marketing automation from ProFundCom we are growing our assets under management”

– Sean Murphy, EI Sturdza

Email Delivery & Analytics

Know your current delivery rate and ensure future campaigns achieve 100% delivery. We have built significant processes and infrastructure to ensure that all your emails are delivered. Not only do we ensure that your emails are delivered, we make sure the images are part of the email and don’t need to be downloaded.

Email Delivery

“We are confident that our emails are being delivered”

– Colin Tees, Martin Currie

Compliance - Ensures your communications are compliant

With financial services regulation getting stricter – and punishment heavier – it’s never been more important to ensure compliant communications.

However, many asset managers use marketing platforms that are not specific to the financial sector and lack built-in compliance, which risks damaging fines and legal action.

But ProFundCom focuses exclusively on financial services and is the only platform to comply with specific compliance directives across GDPR, SEC 17a-4, FCA SYSC 4.1.1, and Data Retention.

ProFundCom gives us the confidence to stay within the rules as well as keeping our data secure”

– Tom Sherwood, Guinness Asset Management

ProFundCom API

API - Integrates seamlessly with other systems

ProFundCom has an open application programming interface (API), which makes it easy for your developers to integrate with other systems – without our involvement. You can then access all workflows, templates, automation and analytics through a single system.

The most common uses of the API are integration with a CRM that is currently not supported – or if there is a custom requirement – and to integrate ProFundCom into a process involving third-party tools and services we don’t currently support.

The API documentation is available on request. Please visit our support page and register your interest.

“The ProFundCom API gives all the digital analytics in our core systems”

– Alex Petit, Reyl Asset Management

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