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Digital Marketing for Asset Managers

Understand who is engaging with all your digital content, across all your digital channels.  Create effective investor communications and harness the power of digital marketing analytics from one central platform.

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As an asset manager, you need to understand who is interacting with your content across email, website, social, event platforms and more.  You need to easily create effective investor communications and gather intelligent “actionable” data for your sales team to act upon from within your CRM.

ProFundCom’s specific solutions for asset managers will enable you to harness the power of digital marketing automation and analytics to give your organisation transparency across all your digital channels, and all from one central platform.  ProFundCom makes marketing and sales teams more efficient and accelerates the AuM raising process



Use ProFundCom’s powerful reporting engine that will keep you informed of cross-selling opportunities, when a prospect has started to engage, and when an investor is not engaging at all and maybe looking to redeem.  Track engagement across email, website, social, events and investor portals

Lead Nurturing

Get real-time alerts of new digital behaviour and gather intelligent data.  Deploy the ProFundCom LeadDeck so your sales team know to call a prospect the moment they start to engage

Investor Experience

Ensure your prospective and existing investors benefit from receiving personalised communications by delivering the content that matters to them.  Build customer-centric journeys with targeted campaigns to gain trust and connect with your investors.