You can easily integrate ProFundCom with your CRM and any other systems that you might be using. We have an open API that ensures seamless integration, and what’s more, our specialist product team will work with you on your specific requirements.

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Because we are independent, we integrate with any CRM, be that bespoke or off-the-shelf. Ensure digital marketing engagement is successfully pushed back into your CRM and the systems talk to each other when it comes to distribution lists, preferences and unsubscribes.

We can even generate calendar appointments for sales teams, so they don’t forget to call people who are showing new digital behaviour.

Dynamic Preference Centre

Ensure you are GDPR compliant with our Preference Centre App. Our solution detects mailing preferences from the CRM and displays them for individual investors. Investors can then select the mailing topics, preferences and frequency of updates and the distribution lists will update automatically with their choices. The App is also able to keep an audit log of all requests which ties into the GDPR requirements of an individual’s preference selections over time.

Power BI & Tableau

Negate the need to run multiple systems by plugging Power BI or Tableau into ProFundCom.

Generate powerful and interactive visualisations and business intelligence reports using ProFundCom digital marketing data.  Reports and dashboards can be deployed within ProFundCom as well as distributed within your organisation.

Investor Portals

Plug ProFundCom into your Investor Portal so you can understand more about what your investors are accessing and get deep analytics that feed back into our Marketing RoI dashboard.

Fund Document Platforms

We integrate with most of the major fund document solution providers so you can track how investors are engaging with important information relating to funds and investments.

Google Analytics

With the ProFundCom Google Analytics App, you can easily track deep engagement from within ProFundCom and then automatically pass traffic details to Google Analytics.

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