Hedge Fund digital marketing representation

Digital Marketing for Hedge Funds

Distribute secure and compliant investor communications and ensure the integrity of documents remains intact. Understand what content is resonating with your potential and existing investors so you can be relevant with your messaging.  Track website and social media activity and ensure targeted and personalised investor relations.  Gain a better understanding of your investors, score prospects based on engagement and supply actionable data to your fund managers.

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As a hedge fund, you may just be starting out on your digital journey or have some standard marketing tools at your fingertips.  But, as today’s investors are much more informed and will conduct their own fund analysis, fund managers must start to improve their digital presence and utilise digital marketing platforms so they can effectively target and communicate with investors.

ProFundCom’s specific solutions for hedge funds will enable you to leverage the power of digital and provide your fund managers with invaluable sales intelligence.

Activity Tracking

Gain deep insights of how a potential or existing investor is interacting with all your digital channels. Access a detailed timeline of when a contact has engaged on email, clicked a link, visited your website, and shown interest in your social content.

Score contacts based on your preferences and push data into your CRM for your fund managers to easily act upon.


Ensure you stay on the right side of financial services regulation by delivering secure and complaint investor communications.  Utilise ProFundCom’s suite of security Apps such as PDF Watermarking and Digital Rights Management to make sure illegal distribution of documents is prevented. Use our Compliance Checker to ensure no email is sent that could put your organisation at risk.


Analyse digital activity across all digital channels and seamlessly automate reports for your fund managers. Report on cross-selling opportunities, when a prospect has suddenly started engaging with your content and when an investor is not interacting at all and could be looking to redeem.

Get invaluable business insight quickly so you can make critical marketing decisions with confidence.