ROI Reporting & Analytics

Assuring the effectiveness of digital marketing is one of the greatest challenges facing financial services firms. Marketing teams are under increasing pressure to demonstrate the value of marketing campaigns and the impact their work has throughout the entire marketing and sales funnel. ProFundCom’s marketing reporting platform ensures you know how all your campaigns are performing across all your channels.

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A Single View

ProFundCom provides a single view of business intelligence together with ROI reporting on your marketing campaigns, aggregating data from email, websites, social, investor portals and any other analytics or marketing data platform and all in one simple visual.

Power BI and Tableau Connectors

ProFundCom’s Power BI & Tableau Connectors enable the ProFundCom platform to generate marketing reports in Microsoft Power BI & Tableau that can be used to spot trends and target campaigns, as well as provide a detailed view of all marketing activities. These reports can use static and real-time data and can be deployed within the ProFundCom platform as well as distributed within the organisation.

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