Seamless Email Marketing for Financial Services

Email is as important as ever for investor communications.  ProFundCom’s email marketing platform is specially designed for financial services to streamline delivery and provide advanced reporting for valuable insights to raise and retain AuM.

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Integrating industry key features such as:


Email delivery is a science. Spam filters and firewalls can ensure your emails don’t reach the right recipients.

ProFundCom offers financial services clients their own infrastructure and IP, and our specialist team ensures delivery to intended parties.  Our SPAM checker also scans for keywords, which can be deemed as SPAM, so you can change before sending.


Unless you’re an HTML whizz, designing templates can mean long difficult hours. ProFundCom’s Drag & Drop Template Designer, shaves the time taken to make stand-out campaigns that will resonate with your prospects and investors.

ProFundCom’s pre-flight checks mean that you can see how all your campaigns render before being sent, ensuring they look great on any device.

The Customer Journey

These days, investors expect swift, personalised experiences.  Whether through automated workflows or the timely delivery of content, ProFundCom’s solution enables you to do just that.

Build out targeted campaigns to best connect with your prospective and existing investors, with built in A/B testing to see what content resonates most.

Dynamic Content

Ensuring the correct content is delivered to the right distribution group is imperative given financial services regulation. We make this seamless: connecting with your CRM to pull distribution data, or holding lists within ProFundCom, and handling all the necessary coding for you.


Don’t get on the wrong side of regulation. We do all the heavy lifting to handle your email marketing compliance should the FCA or SEC come knocking.

Use our Compliance Checker, calibrated to your rules, to ensure no email puts you or your organisation at risk.

Engagement Scoring

The ProFundCom LeadDeck ensures you know exactly how a contact is engaging with your emails. Easily report insights to the sales team so they know who to engage with and on what topic, based on a contact’s interests.

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