Published: 8 September, 2023

How To Use Digital Marketing To Find New Investors – Part Three

This is the third in a series of articles about how to use digital marketing to find new investors.

In the last piece I said that having all your content available on your website is vital for the success of your marketing strategy.

But, of course, it has to be good content that potential investors want to see. And basically what people want to see can be described in two words:

Thought leadership.

In essence, this means putting together valuable and relevant information that entertains, enlightens and educates. You can, for example, do this by speaking about a different way of doing things – perhaps one that’s contrary to the accepted norm – in a way that portrays you as an expert on a meaningful and important topic. You could also give new perspectives on an existing issue, or provide insights into how things are likely to pan out in the future for investors.

A good example to follow is that of David Attenborough – someone who makes complex, and potentially dry subjects, accessible and enjoyable. The aim of this approach is to both set you apart and build trust in the mind of the reader, which is vital for any financial institution.

Obviously you will also talk about your fund in your content, but this must not focus solely on performance. In fact, investors are way more interested in your attitude to risk and investment strategy, as how you handle and invest their money is much more relevant than hearing about your latest success.

Good thought leadership content is especially important for smaller firms. You can never outspend the BlackRocks and Pimcos of this world, with their vast marketing budgets, but what you can do is to outthink them.

The fact that you’re small is in your favour, as it makes people more willing to listen to you. It can be far more appealing than content churned out by a faceless corporation that’s fat and happy and unwilling to vary its marketing content too much.

But how do you actually generate enough thought leadership content to keep your engagement data rolling in?

The easiest and most efficient way of doing this is through the ‘Russian doll’ approach, where you take one big piece of content and pull smaller pieces out of it.

For example, you do a webinar. You then ask a copywriter to write it up as a white paper, which is then broken up into articles. These can then be split into LinkedIn posts, which are finally boiled down into tweets. You can also record videos based on each article.

Using this method, you can produce hundreds of pieces of content from a single source.

And, as different people like to consume content in different ways, you ensure that you reach much more of your audience than if you just concentrated on one format.

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