Sales Intelligence

When it comes to raising and preserving AuM, sales and marketing teams work more effectively when they are aligned.

With ProFundCom’s advanced analytics, financial services marketing teams can successfully push leads to the sales team so they can connect the minute a prospect starts to engage.

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ProFundCom reports on cross-selling opportunities, when a prospect has suddenly started reading your information and when an investor is not engaging at all and might be looking to redeem. This information can also be fed back into any CRM so, together with web and social engagement, you can access a 360-degree view of how an investor or prospect is engaging with you.

Use the ProFundCom LeadDeck from within your CRM to get real-time alerts of website visitors, new digital behaviour and new prospect activity, as well as a list of prospects our AI algorithm has identified need a call.  Customise the scoring of your contacts based on your preferences.

Activity Tracking

Understand how a prospect is interacting with you across all your digital channels. ProFundCom’s detailed timeline shows you when a contact has engaged on email, clicked a link, visited your website and engaged with your social content.

Easily access a 360-degree view of client engagement from within your CRM and create more relevant conversations.

Lead Generation

ProFundCom’s suite of Design Apps will enable you to create professionally designed landing pages without using an agency. Deploy the Form Manager to gate content so you can keep generating new leads.

Keep track of new website visitors and contacts who are engaging with your social media posts using our specially designed Social and Website Connectors.

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The ProFundCom platform gives unparalleled insights into a companies’ funds, prospects and investors and
proactively helps to identify opportunities to both raise and preserve AuM



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