Digital marketing for wealth managers representation

Digital Marketing for Wealth Managers

Ensure you deliver a unique experience to your existing and prospective investors. Gain trust by effectively delivering personalised content. Manage events, both live and online, and gather critical information about specific contacts. Make engagement data easily accessible by your relationship managers so they can grow and retain investments.

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As a wealth manager, customer-centricity needs to be at the heart of everything you do.  You need to be able to deliver personalised communications, seamlessly and without delay, together with tracking investor engagement across email, events, investor portals, social media, and your website.

ProFundCom’s specific solutions for wealth managers will enable you to manage and understand your digital marketing campaigns from one unified platform.  Gain invaluable insights into what content is resonating and push deep engagement data into your CRM so relationship managers are better informed.

Investor Experience

Ensure your investors are benefitting from a personalised experience to drive customer engagement and loyalty.  Utilise dynamic template creation based on a contact’s preferences and sync distribution lists between your CRM and ProFundCom


Use ProFundCom’s advanced event management solution for seamless delivery of online and live events.  Create dedicated event microsites, design beautiful invitations, track registrations and use powerful automations to trigger actions based on engagement.


Integrate ProFundCom with your CRM, investor portal and investment document platforms.  Push digital marketing engagement data into your CRM and ensure effortless syncing of distributions lists and communication preferences. If you have an investor portal, track how investors are engaging with important information relating to their investments.