Published: 8 October, 2023

How To Use Digital Marketing To Find New Investors – Part Four

This is the fourth in a series of articles about how to use digital marketing to find new investors.

In this piece, I’m going to talk about one of the best things you can use to boost your fund marketing, but one that’s woefully neglected – LinkedIn.

Why is it neglected? I’m not entirely sure, but I know there’s a feeling in many marketing teams – usually driven by the vested interests of consultants – that you should concentrate on things like SEO and paid ads to boost your reach. That’s madness, as not only are these methods expensive and time-consuming, but they invariably don’t work.

Instead, you should concentrate on something that’s easy, cheap and does work – LinkedIn.

The core parts of your LinkedIn strategy should be social posting and direct messages. Sending DMs ties back into your GTM, as when you know what your ideal investor looks like – where they live, what they do, what groups they’re in etc – you can go and find them on LinkedIn, then send them messages. There are online tools that can help you with this, and you can also use LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

You should combine this with putting posts up about your fund, your thoughts on investing, and telling your followers about upcoming events you’re running. But you must be careful to avoid the dopamine gold rush of going after likes. This is purely a vanity metric that can skew your perspective. The only metric that really matters is the number of views you get – as potential investors don’t necessarily want to interact with content, they simply want to read it. What makes people tap the like icon, and what actually persuades them to find out more about your fund – or contact you directly – are often two different things.

One of the beauties of LinkedIn is that it can turn mass communication into one-to-one relationships. A good post may not get many likes, but it will get you DMs, which you can then respond to individually. That’s the start of a sales relationship.

To get the most from LinkedIn, you should set up a time in your diary each day that you devote to posting, sending DMs, and responding to messages. Consistency is key – you need to keep at it.

I’ll end this piece with two quick tips:

You get a better response on any communication if you send it before 10am.

Don’t bother with LinkedIn ads – it’s a rip-off.

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