Published: 23 April, 2023

How To Make Digital Marketing Your Asset Raising Saviour – Part Four – Digital Analytics

This is the fourth in a series of articles about how you can make digital marketing your asset raising saviour.

I’ve already outlined the steps you need to take to create decent digital content and get it in front of your prospects and clients. Then, you must double down on what’s working and ease off on what isn’t.

But how do you do that? How do you know what’s succeeding out there and what’s not?

This is where digital analytics comes in. A digital marketing platform like ProFundCom will analyse all your content campaigns and show you, in real-time, what’s working and what isn’t. (Other platforms are available, of course, but there are none that focus exclusively on the fund sector – ProFundCom is unique in that regard.)

This is incredibly useful, as you can monitor performance as campaigns are running – allowing you to quickly change something that’s performing poorly and expand on what’s working well.

For example, you can track a multi-email campaign and see what’s happening with open and click rates – if these look good, you may choose to up the sending frequency, or enlarge it to more audience segments or territories. And if it’s going badly, you know there’s work to be done, perhaps by tweaking subject lines, attachments, or even the whole focus of the campaign.

A platform like ProFundCom can also give you a more general overview of your marketing activity. It can collate and analyse data from all your campaigns and pull out certain words and phrases that are resonating most with your audience – ESG, for example, or compliance – and display it in an easy-to-interpret format, like a word cloud. This helps you see the big attention grabbers, but also the outliers that are creeping into the picture and may be worth some attention as they are gaining in popularity.

A digital marketing platform is also extremely valuable if you have a global client base, as it will show you what’s working well in which territories. As I said in the last piece, this is vital – as there are big regional variations. For example, what works well in the UK, may be completely irrelevant and uninteresting to your audience in South-East Asia.


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