Published: 16 March, 2019

What Type Of Content Works Best In Fund Launch Marketing?

When you’re about to launch a fund, you should first develop what marketers call a content pillar. This is one substantial piece of content, such as an eBook or white paper, that provides an in-depth description of your new fund – why it has been launched, what sets it apart from other funds, who it appeals to, etc etc. You then break this central pillar up into many derivative assets – grouped into three stages – that are designed to appeal to investors at different steps of the buying cycle.

For example, you first send out a short email advising those on your marketing list about your new fund launch, and offering further information for those that are interested. Secondly, anyone that replies is sent your fund ebrochure, which describes things in more detail. Thirdly, your sales team contacts anyone who shows further interest and shares stage three content with them, which should be packed full of relevant information and statistics for those that – because they have got this far – are ready to examine your fund in some detail.

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