Published: 27 November, 2023

How To Craft The Perfect Content Marketing Plan For Fund Managers

Fund marketers everywhere see a marketing plan as a repeated failure. They keep an eye on it for 2 months, forget about it again altogether, and then start from scratch. It makes not just a vicious cycle but a slippery slope leading to wayward content creation.

Keeping up with any competition is a tough race. You have to fuel digital channels with constant content. Whether that be through thought leadership blogs, fund commentary snippets, graphics, or investment outlook videos, investors look to funds to understand their vision and to provide valuable financial advice.

Providing a whole range of content formats may not be the best way forward for smaller firms with limited writing or production resources. This is where worry can kick in. But that doesn’t mean the content marketing monster can’t be fed. Quality content ultimately comes down to conveying what your brand’s beliefs are, how your services can help people, and being honest, entertaining and informative. Once principles, ideas, themes and means of production are thought about, that’s where the marketing plan comes in to glue it all together.

One valuable piece of content is enough to repurpose and reuse its many elements (graphics, stats and quotes) to fill up a resources centre, blog, and LinkedIn feeds for weeks. Maybe even months. They keep investors’ interest and showcase your knowledge surrounding a particular investment theme for the short term or long term. Without these steps, fund marketers are likely to wrongly focus on their website design, or create unconnected blog posts that don’t resonate with investors.

Stay ahead by placing each content piece into a pre-formatted calendar template. It eliminates the fear of having to think of three completely sporadic blog posts every week and gives you the time and space to generate high-value quarterly pieces such as white papers and webinars. Here’s how:

Understand your audience Before planning, outline what your tone of voice is. Is your style personable and informative? What does your brand stand for, and what key messages do you want investors to know and connect with?

Understand your digital content strategy Different content supports different strategies. Are you mainly conveying your brand’s image and messaging, or promoting product marketing pieces for funds or services? Will short-term commentary blogs work better than long-term strategy videos? Maybe a mixture of them all combines towards your overall marketing campaign.

Formulate ideas Use a Google Calendar, Excel document, a SaaS planning tool, or a downloadable template, and plan themed pieces a month in advance. Never be afraid to ask for help from relationship teams that know investors’ wants and needs!

Be honest with yourself If you’re able to split expert writing among your team, collaborate and enjoy the creation process. Freelance writers or designers are available if you are strapped for time.

By learning ‘how to stop worrying and love the content plan’, fund marketers gain the oversight to regularly serve the best content to the ideal investor.

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