How Do You Nurture Cold Leads In Fund Marketing?

Published: 21 March, 2019

The best way to nurture cold leads in fund marketing is to place them into a lead nurturing system, which automatically sends out relevant content to them.

If you use lead scoring and grading, which puts prospects into grades according to how much of your content they access, then this takes care of well-qualified leads – who are automatically pinged over to sales. But lukewarm prospects, by their very nature, rarely look at your content so never score highly enough to merit attention from sales. But – rather than just forget about them – lead nurturing keeps them in your marketing process. Then, if they start to warm up, they can be pushed into the sales process. By automating the lead nurturing process in this way, you not only further qualify your leads, but also free up marketing personnel who previously may have done this sort of task manually.

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