Published: 12 August, 2023

What Content Needs To Be Created For Fund Marketing?

As we’ve established, the first part of your fund marketing journey should be the creation of a go-to-market strategy (GTM), which creates a fund narrative that tells you what your fund stands for, who your ideal investors are, and how they behave.

When you’ve done that, it’s all about creating brand awareness through content. But a crucial part of this is understanding your content philosophy, which will be the voice of your brand.

Your philosophy is obviously down to you, but the best way to introduce it is through a story about your fund. This can be told in multiple different ways and across multiple different channels, but you must ensure that – at all times and in all your content – you aim to do these three things:

  • Educate
  • Entertain
  • Enlighten

This is what works best and generates the most engagement, as we know from studying the 200+ users of ProFundCom.

But a trap that many fall into is to assume that the most educational, entertaining, and enlightening subject out there is the performance of your brand. This is wrong.

Internally, your firm is probably obsessed with performance – that stands to reason, as it can make or break you. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that’s all your prospects and investors want to hear about, as they don’t.

We see that investors are much more interested in attitude to risk and investment strategy. Performance has its place, but these two subjects should take precedence as they lead to the best long-tail results, which means the whole journey from first being aware of your fund’s existence, right through to investing.

However, for content to do a good job for you, an awful lot of it is needed. That’s because:

  1. You can’t just keep churning out the same thing, as people will get bored
  2. You have so many channels to cover

But a clever way to ensure you get as much as possible from each piece of content is to start big and keep repurposing.

This means you create one long piece of content, such as a webinar. You then use a copywriter to write it up as a white paper, which can then be broken up into articles, each of which can be split into LinkedIn posts. And these can be further boiled down into tweets.

That’s potentially hundreds of pieces of content derived from one original piece. And, as different people like to consume content in different ways, you ensure that you reach much more of your audience than if you just concentrated on one format.

Key learning points:

  • You must understand your brand philosophy and base your content on it
  • All your content must do three things – educate, enlighten and entertain
  • Investment strategy and attitude to risk are more important subjects than performance
  • You can lessen the content creation task by producing one big piece, e.g. a webinar, and splitting it into multiple smaller pieces – from a white paper right down to tweets

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