What is the one digital marketing strategy in finance for 2019 to plan for?

Published: 26 December, 2018

Every year single, new technologies come out and soon are never heard of again. Remember BIG DATA and Blockchain and now Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

What we are finding is existing technologies are getting smarter and are being better deployed and that is where the focus needs to be for 2019: getting and keeping your audience’s attention. The only changes that will continue occurring are where the attention goes, and that’s what you need to be tracking and analysing across all digital platform.

If there is one thing to plan for in 2019 let it be Live Video.

Live video is totally under-used in finance. And if it is used it is soon discontinued due to weak content or costs or both. Video is a much uncrowded space, especially on YouTube Live. Keep in mind that video should be your starting point, but these assets can be leveraged across multiple platforms and turned into other forms of content (audio, blogs, white papers, infographics, social media, etc.). If cost is an issue then you can generate some incredible results using iMovie or Movavi.

As any good digital marketer will tell you; trends do not replace good marketing. The best way to consistently market funds to raise AuM from a crowd of investors are to build your brand, tell a great story and provide helpful, authentic content.

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