Published: 23 December, 2023

How to Achieve Omnichannel Marketing in an ABM Strategy

The thought of an account based marketing strategy may be scary to some funds. Sales teams may think that selecting fewer accounts restricts the far and wide places to cast a net. However, maximising the engagement from loyal clients unlocks invaluable benefits for raising assets.

ABM is all about getting the most value out of the relationships you’ve cultivated and setting up digital experiences to best suit them. Fund marketers will find that same theory works when squeezing every available help from their existing marketing channels too, then streamlining their workflows to nurture the wants and needs of target accounts.

Omnichannel marketing can identify investor engagement across multiple digital means, including web pages, portals, or emails. This is particularly helpful as we know that people are fussy and like to get what they want, exactly where and when they want it. Each channel can become an effective puzzle piece to drive conversions for every account highlighted in the overall ABM strategy.

Some marketers confuse multichannel with omnichannel marketing. The former is product-based (promoting content or services through as many channels as manageable), but omnichannel marketing maintains a customer focus, looking to fully utilise tech platforms to enhance buyer journeys. Account based marketing and omnichannel marketing’s client-centric cornerstones are therefore the same.

Omnichannel marketing helps ABM from the lower to the upper funnel of the GTM trail, from initial engagement to a sale. Using pre-set goals and metrics per account, marketers and sales teams can identify which channels are getting the most interactions. Then, they can build out buyer journey segments tailored specifically to the channels where investors choose to receive marketing collateral.

Bringing together the right digital content platforms per account helps guide investors through step-by-step touchpoints toward the fund or service they’re looking for.

Marketing automation tools can also gain unparalleled insights. They send out content campaigns automatically via various digital platforms and then record the engagement data from each in one handy place. Dashboards available in CRMs are great ways for sales and marketing teams to track marketing activity and maintain a consistent eye on which platforms work more effectively for each key account. Knowing these content preferences helps to tweak campaigns accordingly and maximise the investor value using every trick at your disposal.

Funds can view ABM as the holistic investor-nurturing tactic based on lead scoring, client engagement, personas and KPIs, and it’s the omnichannel marketing strategy that makes up the parts of a glorious sum. Not every channel may work in a campaign for one target, but another will be happy to see all the information they require on all the channels they use regularly.

Don’t fear being creative in identifying which platforms are popular. Accounts will value the variety of communications to assist their buying experience. Plus, success in one may help reiterate the ABM strategy for another account.

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