Published: 11 March, 2024

Making Social Media Sharing Work For Your GTM Strategy In Fund Marketing

You may house the greatest fund analysis content on the market, but it’s no good hiding it in a broom cupboard. Luckily social channels help pull it into the limelight and bring new users to your website at the same time. A win-win!

When speaking to marketers across fund and asset management and hedge funds, there’s a wide range of takes about best practices for social media sharing. The truth is that it’s certainly not a one-size-fits-all mantra. It depends on your network, your geographical reach, and your consistency.

Social experts keep on top of the rotating ins and outs of every platform, yet even still every week feels like a change to the algorithm. If we could reach the computer’s minds we would,  with LinkedIn having a particularly fickle algorithm that isn’t easy to hack.

That being said, for funds using the professional network to get their insights out there, trialling these tips can help determine levels of success:

  • You know your market reach, so post at appropriate times when most of your audience will not only be awake but working.
  • Timely insights reacting to news should be posted as soon as possible – it will have a short sell-by date!
  • Consistency is key. If you post on the same days, at the same time, (11 am on Mondays and Wednesdays, for example), your audience will naturally know when to expect your content to be shared.
  • LinkedIn includes analytics to discover the number of post engagements according to region and times, which can inform the best moments to post.
  • Remember, if you post at the same time as everyone else, you won’t stand out!

On the subject of paid LinkedIn ads, there’s certainly value in it when advertising long-form quality content such as a piece of research or quarterly report. This offers more advanced analytics to track conversions to your landing page, or traffic to your website, to see what’s resonating well with your network. But it also allows you to target professionals and ideal investors based on their location and job title. It could convert valuable potential clients into leads.

Spending a lot on social media ads for websites can be good for brand awareness, but SEO costs can be extortionate. You can still draw users to your fund for free on social media. You’re able to direct message clients, send links to your content, and LinkedIn can even automatically add new contacts to nurture campaigns.

Plus, when everyone in your fund’s relationship team shares every piece of content with their networks, you can bring the brand to whole new fields of potential customers.

There’s such a myriad of choices, that it’s up to you to try and refine a sharing strategy that works best.

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