ProFundCom Webinar Reveals The Secrets Behind Effective Digital Marketing

Published: 23 January, 2015

The latest webinar by ProFundCom, the market leader in the field of financial sector email marketing, has given a crash-course in the intricacies of digital marketing.

Hosted by ProFundCom Founder and Managing Director Paul Das, the twenty-minute webinar is currently the most watched in the firm’s history.

The overall theme of the webinar was that digital marketing can be very valuable, but to have an impact it needs to be used correctly. One of its key benefits is that you can track how people interact with the content – websites, emails etc – that you provide. But for this to be truly effective you must go beyond the sort of data readily available via Google analytics and Webtrends. Instead, you must dig into the details provided by the ‘digital footprint’ of your visitors, which can reveal information such as IP addresses, email addresses, Twitter handles and more, as well as giving a complete picture of how any one prospect has been interacting with your content – their digital landscape.

Paul points out the possibilities this presents. For example, by looking at a prospect’s interaction history you can see if he or she has re-engaged suddenly with you, after months or even years of inactivity. This often presents a sure sign of positive intent, which can be capitalised on through increased interaction. Similarly, using digital data to identify clients who have suddenly stopped engaging with you is also very valuable, as it could mean a face-to-face meeting is necessary to re-establish the relationship.

Paul goes on to stress the importance of good content in digital marketing, as you have to give prospects something useful to engage with. This means it is not enough to simply send out a factsheet – your content must provide information about events and meetings that prospects will find useful, as well as thought leadership based around current and relevant topics. It is important not just to talk about what you find interesting.

In addition, with research showing that it takes between seven and eleven communications before a potential client engages with you, Paul talks about the need for a content strategy. This should be designed to ensure a logical sequence of useful information is sent out that builds a positive impression in the recipient’s mind.
Paul also touches on the thorny issue of compliance, revealing the do’s and don’ts of digital marketing in regards bodies such as the FCA. He explains that the sender of any email is 100% responsible for its content, so has to ensure all information abides by the rules. These include not making any offers and ensuring that any advertising carries a disclaimer, even if it is a social media post.

Paul’s parting message is that being successful in digital marketing involves building process, so that your marketing strategy is repeatable, rather than something approached on an ad hoc basis.
To watch the webinar for yourself and discover more about the secrets behind effective digital marketing go to the ProFundCom YouTube channel.

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