Published: 1 November, 2023

ProFundCom Report – Six Secrets of Creating & Distributing Great Fund Content

We’re drowning in a sea of information.

After only a few seconds of scrolling through news apps or staring at a television, you’re hit by so much content – long, short, colourful, fascinating, or boring – that you’re bound to forget the lion’s share of it. That is, of course, assuming you read or watched it at all…

As the old digital marketing adage goes: content is king.

This view hasn’t gone away at all, it just rings true when the content is not only good but authentic. We understand how overwhelming it feels for fund marketers to constantly craft investment content for a range of new digital channels, particularly in the financial world where content is still highly misunderstood. It brings up conversations about gargantuan website projects, or what information should constitute a traditional factsheet.

But is that really what investors want to see when they’re trying to understand who you are or what you do?

Content is the cornerstone of conveying your brand, narrative, investment strategy, and knowledge to guide buyers throughout their online journeys, which you can tailor to them after gathering data on who’s following everything you post.

We’re sharing our best ways to create fund content, and how and where to distribute it, in this exclusive playbook to supercharge your go-to-market strategy.

We hope that they serve you well.
Paul Das

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