Microsoft Word to HTML – The ProFundCom App that has changed email template creation

Published: 4 January, 2015

One of the challenges that marketers, sales teams and research analysts face is the inability to take Microsoft Word documents and use them as email templates. Formatting and images and charts are lost and the senders are either limited to the basic email format available in browser editors or have to learn HTML or pass it onto IT or an external supplier. With research that it timely, these delays are an unacceptable problem that a number of research houses are regularly facing and as a result compromise on branding, content as well as timely delivery – to as one of our clients said “…to just get it out there…..”

Since the beginning of the Internet and Browsers, Microsoft’s Office and HTML have had incompatible formats and it was thought impossible to have an email delivery platform that could take an Office document and create an exact HTML equivalent that could then be emailed to a distribution group.

The wait is now over – with the ProFundCom Microsoft to HTML App, Word documents with charts, images and various formatting and layout options can be directly imported into the platform without any loss of look and feel and fidelity. The App is revolutionised the way our Research clients are delivering reports as the emails now are more content rich was well have with the ProFundCom platform 100% deliverability and industry leading analytics and reports.

“The Microsoft Word to HTML App has been over 4 years in the making and gives our clients unparalleled flexibility in template design as well as expedience of research and news. In the last 15 years of working on email platforms this as been one of the holy-grails of email template design and I am delighted that the ProFundCom development team have managed to build this App for our clients “, said Paul Das, Founder and Managing Director of ProFundCom.

“We now have the ability to simply use Microsoft Word as the editor for our email templates, without worrying about any formatting, design delays and delivery – the App has given us all valuable time back”, said Wendy Spires, Global Head of Research, WealthBriefing.


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