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ProFundCom Product & Service Notification – 29th June 2018

Published: 29 June, 2018

Interface Update
Section: Core Platform
Description: The revised ProFundCom interface will be rolled out in the next 48 hours. A focus has been on the look and feel of the platform whilst retaining all the existing functionality as well as not moving the position of any of the existing buttons or operations. Additional interface enhancements will be rolled out after the summer in the September and October releases.

Boardman Spambot:
Impact: Moderate
Section: Reporting
Description: In the last few weeks, mail scanning and firewall companies without informing anyone have decided to scan the WHOLE contents of emails and to then check the links in there so as to make sure that the links are not pointing to sites that can infect your computers with Malware. In light of all the bots that have been used in Russia and China and Korea lately this is understandable. So as a result, this access to emails is being tracked to Boardman in the US where these testing servers reside and results in the false-positives in your analytics. By filtering the Boardman data out you will get a true reflection of the stats and will be comparable to the stats in the previous month – which on checking appears to be the case. This is now done automatically. The mail scanning and firewalls have been silent on the issue and whilst only implemented a few weeks ago has been inconvenient to say the least to clients affected. Just in the same way that they years ago never told us about SPAM rules – so we are working on methodologies internally to quickly identify these false-positives.

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