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ProFundCom adds Zapier Integration to the ProFundCom AppStore

Published: 13 September, 2019

ProFundCom has extended the ProFundCom AppStore with the Zapier Automation App.

This App provides the  power to integrate ProFundCom with hundreds of other apps to automate your marketing processes. Zapier is a flexible automation tool that extends what you can do with ProFundCom, connecting it to apps used everyday — like Evernote, Gmail, and Google Drive and 1500+ other apps — and automating tedious tasks in your workflow.

Zapier lives between ProFundCom and your favorite apps, connecting your files, clients, templates, and users across them all. Automations called Zaps can be set up in minutes without any coding experience. Simply pick a Trigger app and event — like adding a new mailing list on ProFundCom — and specify the Actions you want Zapier to automatically take in response. From that point on, Zapier will do the work for you, so you never have to copy-paste or import and export again.

“”Once again ProFundCom has demonstrated how we are building all the tools to help digital marketer raise AuM and demonstrate ROI. The need to be able to automate across the enterprise without the need for coding not only reduces the speed of deployment of solutions it also provides automations that were previously unthinkable,” said Founder and Managing Director, Paul Das.


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