Published: 11 February, 2017

Paul Das

Managing Director

Paul is the Founder and Managing Director of ProFundCom.  Starting the business in 2003, Paul wanted to fulfil a vision to provide digital engagement analytics that would directly benefit sales and marketing processes in financial institutions. This has lead to ProFundCom being totally focused on helping the financial services industry use digital marketing to raise AuM.

Fifteen years later, Paul and his team have successfully built the leading digital marketing platform for finance that brings all elements of digital activity – email, web and social media – into one place.

Paul remains extremely hands-on with heading up the product and client teams and he is also responsible for setting and managing company strategy in conjunction with the executive board.

Paul has an excellent pedigree in software from working at AT&T, Microsoft and Apple, both in the UK and the USA and holds a first-class degree in Electronic Systems Engineering from Kingston University – where he was also the winner of the Cadence Design Prize for his final year project.

Paul Das Helping asset manager use digital marketing to raise and preserve AuM

“I would say if I have one driving force, it is to keep commitments to our customers. When I have corporate philosophy class with all the new folks who come into ProFundCom, we go over the philosophies behind what ProFundCom stands for.”

That is the central message: To keep commitments to customers. In general, that means customers trust us to make them successful. Whether or not they know how to do their side of the job, we still have the obligation to make them successful.

It means the bigger picture: Your job is to help them use digital marketing to raise and preserve AuM and do everything you can to make them be as successful as possible.

Where did ProFundCom come from?

As someone who works at a fund, no matter what your role, you live and die by the AuM raised by the firm. Needless to say no one wants to miss the opportunities to raise assets and also stop it from going out of the door.

I understood this and along with Charles Barnick developed the first iteration of ProFundCom. The idea behind it was simple – to give managers the ability to use digital marketing to identify investors. So when we looked at the problem, we solved it by

  • Who are the prospects that are engaging over multiple digital channels that have not been spoken to in the last month
  • Which investors are looking at funds that they are not invested in
  • Which investors are showing a loss of interest in the fund
  • Which dormant prospects are suddenly engaging with content

ProFundCom is the platform that allows you to do just that.

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