What Is Interactive Marketing And How Can It Help Your Fund?

Published: 27 September, 2019

Interactive marketing simply means offering your prospects a more engaging experience by combining information with other elements. And when people are more engaged with your content, they are more likely to invest with you.

A good example of this is video. Creating thought leadership videos that take complex financial information or theories and makes them easily digestible is a great way to build trust and profile. Another form of interactive marketing is the digital questionnaire, which allows people to get financial information by answering a simple quiz. This is particularly useful when paired with a lead capture form, as by answering the questions potential investors are effectively segmenting themselves. Interactive marketing content is also very versatile and sharable – you can put it on your website, embed it in emails and white papers to widen your reach, or build a dedicated microsite, which concentrates on an interactive experience through videos, infographics, questionnaires etc. And interactive marketing content also works very well on social media sites, where you can emphasise its shareable nature to encourage your prospects to repost, forward and tag others.

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