Published: 10 September, 2019

How ProFundCom Clients Are Raising AuM Through AI And Machine Learning

At ProFundCom we help our clients to raise assets through better digital marketing.

And we are often asked how successful our existing clients have been in using automation, and AI and machine learning to boost AuM.

So, here’s just a few examples of how ProFundCom customers are raising assets through AI And Machine Learning:

AI and Machine Learning

Despite sounding futuristic, AI and machine learning has actually been around for decades – since at least the Second World War. Put simply, it is machines replicating human behaviour to carry out tasks, through a combination of maths and statistics known as data science.

The big benefit for our clients has been by using data science to look at all their content and identify which themes and channels are working best. This informs how best to direct your marketing budget and identify cross-selling opportunities, where investors in one fund may be ready to invest in another. ProFundCom does this by diving into available data to produce a lead deck, which is a list of prospects who have not yet had any direct communication – e.g. through sales teams or relationship managers – but are showing through their digital footprint that they are very engaged with marketing material, thus may be ready to invest. This list refreshes every thirty days or so based on how people are reacting to – and engaging with – marketing messages. This can be provided to a sales team who can then drill down into the information to see exactly what each prospect has engaged with, making it a very powerful resource.


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