Product & Service Notification 29th April 2018

Published: 29 April, 2018

Section: Core Platform
Description: We have sent all our clients upgraded agreements that reflect our revised privacy policies and legal commitment to protect your data in accordance with GDPR. In simple terms, all your data with ProFundCom is protected and not resold, all your data is secured with industry-leading practices and we have data, data breach and information security processes. All these documents are available on request from

Multiple Channels on Social Media App
Impact: Moderate
Section: Social Media App
Description: In the past, with the Social Media App the user had to create individual links for each channel. This was identified as time-consuming if you wanted to send a campaign to multiple channels but still retain the granularity for analytics. The new version allows you to select multiple channels and creates all the share-able links in one go.

New Campaign Reports – Activity
Impact: Minimal
Section: Campaigns
Description: We have created 4 new reports that are available for each campaign and are easily accessible from the Campaign view. These reports are – Top Consumers Report, New Readers report, Lost Readers report and No Interaction Report.

New Campaign Reports – Timeline
Impact: Minimal
Section: Campaigns
Description: We have enhanced the campaign timeline of activity so that it displays activity over days as well as hours. Previously, the reporting was only graphically represented as days.

New Template Editor
: Moderate
Section: Template Manager
Description: We have spent the last 12 months developing a new template editor based on the feedback from the User Group. Looking at all the comparable editors that are available, we have had to compromise between ease of use as well as total flexibility, coupled with providing a secure environment. The roll-out of the new template editor will be in stages and we will be advising clients over the coming months.

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