The Month in Digital Marketing for Finance – July 2019

Published: 5 August, 2019

Here is the latest ‘Best from the Web’ for digital marketers in finance for the month of July.


The Financial Services Forum – Fixing the Broken Customer Journey with Digital Transformation

According to an IDG report 66% of buyers are desperate for more relevant content. Furthermore, research by The Content Marketing Institute reveals that 72% of marketers say their top challenge is producing more relevant content.

Join Royal Bank of Canada for this practical session will offer real world insights from client-side strategies, considering how marketers can:

  • Create innovative experiences that resonate with the B2B buyers
  • Empower sales with value-driven messaging in real-time
  • Analyse buyer behaviour and engagement through data-driven reporting

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Kurtosys – How asset managers are becoming more customer centric

Market-leading asset managers are shifting focus towards customer-centric strategies in a bid to attract more clients, according to the 2019 FIS Readiness report. Investment firms are looking for ways to gain market share to counter the increasing stress on margins from pressure on fees, mounting costs and the growing regulatory burden. Read more here

White Marble Marketing – LinkedIn 2019 Updates that can help improve your marketing

LinkedIn has become a necessary marketing channel for all types of business. It provides the opportunity to build professional relationships and share content that can cut through and resonate not only with existing networks, but wider target audiences. Read more here


Jim Marous – The Future of Financial Marketing 2020: ‘Show Me The Money’

After years of discussing the importance of improving the customer experience in financial services, financial marketers are going to be held responsible for driving a stronger marketing ROI with every personalized marketing message. While CX will not decrease in importance, there will be an increased emphasis on marketing results in 2020 and beyond. Read more here


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