Published: 29 January, 2021

The Month in Digital Marketing for Finance – February 2021

The ProFundCom team has curated the best events, opinions, insights and resources relating to digital marketing from the previous month as well as looking forwards to the month ahead. The team not only look to bring you the best articles for investment managers and hedge funds but also articles, in general, that marketers find useful.

Post of the Month

2020 Marketing Channels in Finance

Here is the engagement for all digital channels for the whole of 2020 in fund marketing. Interesting to note how different channels performed against each other as the year progressed.


Marketing Week – Domino’s merges digital and marketing teams

Domino’s is bringing its digital team under the remit of marketing for the first time as it looks to “support increased digital investment” and drive growth. Read more

White Marble Marketing – Shifting focus: How to approach marketing in 2021

If 2020 heralded an era of massive change, 2021 is when all the effort and investment in the way we communicate and do business will come to fruition. But what does all this change mean for all the teams within your marketing department? Here are White Marble’s top tips across the marketing department for the year ahead. Read more

Bruce Frumerman – Preparing For Asset Raising In The Post-Pandemic World Series

A series of articles offering insights and tips to prepare money management firms for improving their abilities to out-market competitors and attract assets from sophisticated investors in the coming post-pandemic, recessionary world. Read more



The ProFundCom Digital Marketing Benchmark provides real-time access to all of ProFundCom’s digital marketing data from over the last 15 years, giving users the ability to compare how their marketing campaigns are performing versus sector peers. Further detail of how other organisations are carrying out similar processes and the associated results are also available. The anonymised data is over 10 terabytes in size (which interestingly is the amount of data produced by the Hubble Space Telescope per year!) and will be split into different industry sectors as well as AuM. Access ProFundCom Benchmarking here

Market Sentiment

The chart below shows the sentiment across the main financial sectors in January 2021.


What Was the Marketing Sentiment for Asset Managers, Wealth Managers and Hedge Funds in January 2021?

What Was the Marketing Sentiment for Asset Managers, Wealth Managers and Hedge Funds in January 2021?


For more detail click here


Upcoming Online Events

3rd February – Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services

The Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services conference will be going virtual in 2021. Over the course of 2 days, 150+ senior executives from leading financial institutions will gather to discuss current AI success, how you can leverage new tools, and when and where to use them for best effect. Register here

4th February – It’s Time To Reboot Marketing

Despite thousands of tech companies selling thousands of products across hundreds of categories, up to 50% of martech functionality is never even used*. It’s time your tech gave you what you really need. Register here

18th February – 5 Ways to Use Marketing Automation to Increase Efficiencies and Investor Engagement

Most financial services firms are now, in some way at least, on their digital journey yet many don’t appreciate or understand the efficiencies that marketing automation can offer.

But what exactly is marketing automation? Some see it as simple workflows that work for their asset raising process, others see it as fully integrated solution that encompasses CRM, lead generation, dynamic content and more. Register here

25th February – Webinar: Differentiating Your ESG Offering

Despite the clamour for all things ESG, asset managers still aren’t doing a great job of articulating what they’re doing and how it sets them apart. Register here

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