How To Increase Assets By Enhancing Customer Communication Methods

Published: 30 January, 2021

It’s now possible to communicate with prospective and existing investors through a larger number of communications channels – web, social, mobile, email, phone etc – than ever before. By identifying the best channels and tactics in regards to customer engagement – and concentrating on them accordingly – you can boost your ability to raise assets.

The expectation of an investor or prospective investor that a firm should know and understand their needs and expectations is a big factor in the funds’ sector. Large sums of money are involved and an investor wants to feel that a firm understands his or her best interests and has them at heart. So, it is absolutely crucial to understand that investors want clear and effective communication that is both personalised to them in terms of content, and that takes place on their terms and through the channels they favour. So, be led by your investors and choose the channels that suit them, rather than those that suit you.

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