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ProFundCom Whitepaper: Four Digital Marketing Trends That Will Help You To Raise Assets

Published: 26 March, 2019

Fund marketing is changing. Thanks to technology, the way firms interact with clients and prospects has altered dramatically. Also, due to the vast amount of information and digital channels out there – what investors want has also changed.

The old days of relationship managers driving investment are disappearing. A new breed of investors – some of whom can’t even remember a time before the internet – are taking over. And these people look to digital sources for advice and to help them make their own decisions, so are much less likely to rely on what a relationship manager may tell them.

So, in this hyper-connected age, it is those companies that successfully harness digital marketing innovation that will stand out and thrive.

And in this white paper we take a look at four new digital marketing trends that you must get to grips with to master this brave new digital world and grow and retain AuM.


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