Published: 17 December, 2020

How Can Funds Use A CRM To Raise And Retain Assets?

Fund marketing has gone digital.

This hasn’t happened overnight – it’s a long trend that has been sent into overdrive by Covid-19. But now, things that often still happened in person – due diligence, onboarding, sales conversations etc – have suddenly, through necessity, been pushed online.

And this isn‘t news to anyone. Thanks to the pandemic and resultant lockdowns, everyone in fund marketing gets this. What perhaps they don’t all get is that things aren’t going to change back again to any great extent. Post-virus, the fund marketing landscape will remain largely digital.

To achieve this, you must produce and distribute a lot of content – emails, videos, social, webinars etc – that your digital audience finds useful and interacts with, thus producing valuable engagement data for your CRM. Sounds simple. But actually implementing this – at least in an organised and profitable way – is not.

So, in this ProFundCom whitepaper we are going to break through the confusion that surrounds the issue and show you how to use your CRM in a way that can both raise and retain assets.

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