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ProFundCom release Social Media Listening App for digital marketers in finance

Published: 9 March, 2018

ProFundCom has recently finished adding the Social Media Listening App to the ProFundCom AppStore. With this App ProFundCom clients will be able to track online conversations as they happen, wherever they happen.

There is no need for scouring the web manually, or waiting for your weekly mentions digest. You know what’s said, now.  The App tracks every major social network, plus blogs, forums, news, and review sites. The App also has the ability to extend your brand online by finding meaningful conversations to be a part of. Early adopters of that have been able to reach out, respond to comments in real time, and grow their own community of brand ambassadors.

“The Social Media Listening App was born out of the need for a marketing team’s social media effectiveness to be reported on from a single interface. The App removes the need to be managing lots of data sources, with the reporting not always in the same format. We are delighted that once again we at ProFundCom are providing tools within the platform that makes the life of the digital marketer in a financial firm that much more effective,” said Paul Das, Founder and Managing Director of ProFundCom, “With so many conversations online, it can feel impossible to keep up with it all. The Social Media Listening App’s  monitoring lets you collect all these social media interactions, to analyze in a structured manner. “

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