Published: 7 October, 2011

Only ProFundCom ticks all boxes for Hedge Fund Marketing

ProFundCom’s latest platform release has compared exceptionally well with the latest research on customer engagement metrics you should be tracking. In fact, no other product was highlighted in this research – which is a vote of confidence for ProFundCom’s development team headed by Adam Wiseberg. “In a week where we are mourning the passing of Steve Jobs, it is a testament to the man, that members of our team who worked in his long shadow in Palo Alto have kept his spirit of innovation alive in our latest version of ProFundCom.”

According to the research there are four main components to your customers’ and prospects’ engagement with your brand:

  • Involvement – the measurable aspects of an individuals’ relationship with your funds
  • Interaction – the depth of those individuals’ relationship via email, social media and web
  • Intimacy – the sentiments or feelings of individuals towards your fund
  • Influence – the likelihood that an individual will encourage someone to consider or buy your fund

Within these four main components there are several key metrics that you can track. Understanding these numbers can help you gauge your customers’ engagement on several different levels and help you improve your relationship with them.

These numbers are available in ProFundCom with the new Engagement Blade technology developed by the team lead by Adam. The blades give you the ability to track any interaction with your content. These interactions are listed below

Involvement :

  • Site visits – how many people are visiting your site?
  • Time spent – how long did they spend on your site before they clicked away?
  • Pages viewed – how many pages did a visitor view before they left your site?
  • Keywords searched – what words did a visitor search to find your site?
  • Navigation paths – where did a visitor navigate to after landing on your site?

Interaction (these can be tracked through social media):

  • Number of comments contributed to your blog
  • Number of unique commenter’s on your blog
  • Quantity/frequency of written reviews, blog comments and forum discussions

Intimacy (these can be tracked through customer service calls, surveys and social media):

  • Sentiment tracking through social media
  • Sentiment tracking of internal customer contributions
  • Opinions expressed in customer service calls

Influence (these can be tracked through customer service calls, surveys and social media):

  • Product/service satisfaction ratings
  • Brand affinity
  • Content forwarded to friends (email, retweets, facebook postings etc.
  • Posts on high profile blogs

Paul Das, founder and managing director of ProFundCom said in a recent interview to, “as a specialist in hedge fund marketing we know that there is a need to merge social media, multimedia, email media and web media into one place. ProFundCom provides that to the hedge fund and asset management space. Coke and Nike don’t need the level of detail we provide and they can use Google analytics for that. Finance teams – both marketing and sale – need the cross-section granularity that only ProFundCom can provide“.

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