Published: 16 January, 2024

ProFundCom Report – Digital Marketing Review of Top 100 Hedge Funds 2024

Welcome to ProFundCom’s second digital marketing review of the top 100 biggest hedge funds in the world!

We’re following up on our inaugural edition to see what improvements these top performing hedge funds have been making to their websites since we reviewed them in 2022. We based our 12 assessment criteria on the accessibility of information and quality of engagement, adding a couple of extra points to this year’s edition to give a new angle.

After hours of thorough research and analysis, we concluded that many hedge funds use digital marketing, but not all use it effectively. Just three firms scored highly according to our criteria, with totals of 80% and above, and only 47 firms scored over 50%. A staggering 25 firms scored 30% or less. That means a quarter of the world’s biggest hedge funds have average to poor digital marketing, with significant room for improvement. If these hedge funds made small tweaks, they could dramatically improve engagement and make information more accessible, bolstering their ProFundCom ranking.

This review offers plenty of pointers which can help you use digital marketing to expand your firm’s reach and generate new leads. We hope you find it useful.

Paul Das

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