Published: 14 February, 2011

Google says “ProFundCom has more detail than Google Analytics”

In a recent posting on Linked-In, Annette Baker, Desktop Application Leader at Google commented that whilst Google Analytics provides a high level view of how people interact with a website, ProFundCom provides a granularity that has previously not been available in relation to email and website engagement.

“ProFundCom’s ability to detail email and website engagement down to the contact level has raised the bar for web and email analytics. This and ProFundCom’s ability to integrate with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software provides immense ROI for people who have implemented various CRM systems,” commented Annette in her article.

ProFundCom is not about to replace Google Analytics for getting demographic based web statistics, but ProFundCom can provide the detail required for pin-pointing how specific individuals are engaging with emails and websites and social media.” clarified Annette when questioned on if ProFundCom was a direct competitor to Google Analytics.

“ProFundCom’s value is for people who have a large enough contact base that they need to use email and web content for their marketing efforts, with a product price-point that makes the detail the ProFundCom provides economically viable” replied Paul Das, founder of ProFundCom. “We have had tremendous success by providing sales teams with qualified lists of prospects with their level of product interest. Whilst focusing on hedge fund marketing we are looking to diversify in the mid to long-term””.

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