Blog: Crossing the Chasm with your Hedge Fund Marketing

Published: 17 October, 2011

In his famous business book, Crossing the Chasm, Geoffrey A. Moore introduces a concept called ‘inflection points’.

Inflection points are changes in how a product is viewed by the audience it is being marketed to. Moore insists that everyone must carefully watch and properly react as internal and external conditions evolve, and be able to identify and act on these inflection points.

This has relevance to how hedge fund managers and asset managers market their funds. A good marketer will always be on the lookout for what’s changing with the prospects they are targeting, by considering:

  • which prospects are interested in which products
  • where the cross selling-opportunities are
  • which contacts are the best to target sales effort at
  • what type of communication works best
  • how contacts are engaging with communications
  • what affects the success of a marketing campaign

If you are not identifying these inflection points and do not have a process to deliver them to your sales team, then you are only being marginally effective in your role as a hedge fund marketer – or as one manager put it to me – “you are doing something in the wind, and it ain’t whistling”. Hedge fund marketing and working out the inflection points is akin to radar. When something changes it means something, so if you’re a hedge fund marketer you need systems and processes in place that help you identify what’s on your radar. Then you can strike while the iron is hot.

Most successful managers have actually made a habit, by chance or design, of working out inflection points in their strategies. ProFundCom now gives hedge fund managers the ability to apply that rigour to their sales and marketing efforts.

ProFundCom is a hedge fund marketing and sales intelligence software platform that reports back on how your communications are being received, offering insight into its effectiveness. Reports are filtered by salesperson, emails opened, emails read, emails printed, emails forwarded, websites accessed and attachments opened – providing market leading communication analytics, lead scoring and marketing automation.

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