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MxToolbox’s 2019 Report on DMARC Adoption by the Fortune 500 and Alexa 1000

Published: 4 October, 2019

Are you considering adopting DMARC to improve your email delivery?

Major companies world-wide have been adopting DMARC to protect their outbound email deliverability and prevent their brands from being used in fraud and phishing attacks. DMARC has become a business necessity, so you would expect major companies to follow the NHS and U.S. federal government in adopting DMARC. ProFundCom and MxToolbox, the email delivery experts, analyze the DMARC adoption trend and offer you some insight into improving your email delivery.

Are you practicing good email hygiene to get the best email delivery possible?

MxToolbox and ProFundCom are constantly looking at technologies that affect your business. For years, the biggest worry for companies like yours was being blacklisted. Now, email delivery is more complex and requires constant evaluation of your email senders and their compliance with new technologies like SPF, DKIM and DMARC. In our 2019 report on the State of Outbound DMARC Adoption, we evaluate how quickly Fortune 500 and Alexa 1000 companies are adopting DMARC and how DMARC can affect your business.

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