How Can Content Marketing Be Used To Boost Assets Under Management?

Published: 3 October, 2019

Content marketing is nothing new – it’s been around in various forms for decades – but it is now a massive trend, because when people are faced with buying decisions they increasingly turn to the Web to find useful information to guide them. And in fund marketing terms, this means you need to be the source of that information, by presenting helpful content in a way that people want to consume it – through leadership articles, emails, blogs, white papers, social sharing, infographics, research reports, webinars, newsletters etc.

Approach it with thought, care and a focus on the sort of information investors are looking for and content marketing can reap rich rewards for you in terms of increasing assets under management. So, every single piece of content you create must have the potential to add value. This could be in the form of usable information, financial planning advice, lists of resources and tips etc etc. But it must be of some use, as content that merely seeks to sell is often ignored. Content marketing can also boost your presence on the web. By creating content that is freely available and addresses common concerns for investors, it will start to appear when people use relevant search terms. So, your firm will appear organically on search results through valuable content that demonstrates to your potential investors that you are knowledgeable and trustworthy. And that can lead directly to investment.

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