How To Harness Digital Marketing – The New Normal For Hedge Funds. Part 4

Published: 28 August, 2020

This is the fourth and final post in my series examining the new normal of digital marketing – and what hedge funds must do to make the most of it.

I’ve now gone through how to take advantage of digital marketing content to give valuable data to your sales teams. And I’m going to finish by explaining how digital marketing can help keep your investors after they have joined the fold.

Obviously there are lots of different factors at play when it comes to customer retention – performance, customer service, trust etc etc.

But there is one vital aspect of customer retention that many funds – particularly smaller ones – ignore. That is having a dedicated investor portal on your website, where clients can access their account to track investments.

The benefits of this are obvious. But an investor portal also has a major marketing benefit, as you can use all the content you have created and make it available through there. You should make this easy to navigate and search, so that it’s simple for people to find what they’re looking for.

There is obviously a cost to this, as – to do it properly – requires a significant investment, which is why many smaller firms shy away from this aspect of digital marketing.

But the importance of an investor portal is actually increasing, as younger investors – millennials and generation Z – no longer rely on professional advice to guide their decisions. Instead, it’s second nature to get all the information they need from digital channels – and most wouldn’t even consider talking to a relationship manager.

And if you have all that information on your site, then you keep and boost the trust of your existing investors – as they are getting the answers to the questions they are looking for from your firm.

And that makes it much easier to retain your existing investors as clients and encourage them to increase their holdings.

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