Published: 27 February, 2021

How Do You Write Fund Marketing Blogs That Investors Want To Read?

To write fund marketing blogs that are read, you must first think about what your target investor actually wants to read – rather than what you may want to tell them.

Writing what investors want to read is the first rule of successful fund marketing blogs. But it is all too often ignored – and a lot of time, effort and money is spent on creating blog content that doesn’t do its job properly. This is often thinly veiled sales material that focuses on products and services, but which does little to create or nurture an audience – as investors quickly turn away from obvious sales content. Instead, you should concentrate on blog content that genuinely helps people – both those who already invest with you and those who you hope to attract as investors. Do this, and investors will not only want to read your blog content, they will also trust you as a source of valuable advice – and trust is the bedrock of the selling process, especially in finance.

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