Published: 3 March, 2021

How To Maximise Readership For Your Fund Marketing Blogs

The way to maximise readership for your fund marketing blogs is to ensure you promote and repurpose across multiple channels, and also engage with readers.

Remember that only your most committed prospects are likely to look at a blog page on your website as a matter of course, so you need to encourage a wider readership by cross-promoting your content via social media and your marketing list. You can also expand the reach of your posts by reusing them elsewhere. Recycle your blog content as emails to your list, for example, or rewrite them slightly and use them elsewhere on the web – such as on LinkedIn or as a guest blog on an investment information site. You can even strip them down and use brief versions on Facebook, Twitter etc. And make sure you engage with readers who comment on your posts – this keeps people interested and also encourages likes, forwards and reshares.

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