Published: 25 February, 2021

The Month in Digital Marketing for Finance – March 2021

The ProFundCom team has curated the best events, opinions, insights and resources relating to digital marketing from the previous month as well as looking forwards to the month ahead. The team not only look to bring you the best articles for investment managers and hedge funds but also articles, in general, that marketers find useful.

Chart of the Month

Charting the Marketing Sentiment for Asset Managers, Wealth Managers, Investment Managers and Hedge Funds

Post of the Month

When The Hedge Fund Declared A Red Alert Situation

When starting up a money management firm business the best position to be in is to have committed investors of size before the launch of the fund. While this is an ideal, it is not the reality for the majority of money management firm start-ups. From the get-go, most investment management firms need to initiate new business prospecting outreach at their pre-launch stage and then carry over that activity on an ongoing basis. Read more


Marketing Week Meets…Burger King CMO Fernando Machado

Burger King’s celebrated CMO tells Marketing Week why the ‘great idea’ is everything in marketing, what the importance of having a challenger mindset is and why data-led companies don’t need marketers. Read more

Peregrine Communication – The Global 100 Asset Management Marketing Report

Collating over 12,000 data points across firms’ core IMC activities, we weighed, scored and ranked each firm against their industry peers. The purpose of this report extends well beyond merely ranking firms against their core strategic communications and marketing activities. It is firstly intended to help show firms a map of where they are currently, to benchmark against a large number of peers and an even larger amount of data. But it is also intended to provide a window into the asset management industry’s trends, most useful case studies and emerging best practices. Read more

Opalesque – Hedge fund launches in 2021: obstacles and opportunities

There were 42 launches in Q3 of 2020-the lowest of any fiscal quarter of the last five years and of those launches, very few had a sizeable AuM. However, according to new research by HFM, almost three in five investors view hedge funds more favourably than before the pandemic-a higher figure than any other asset class. Read more



The ProFundCom Digital Marketing Benchmark provides real-time access to all of ProFundCom’s digital marketing data from over the last 15 years, giving users the ability to compare how their marketing campaigns are performing versus sector peers. Further detail of how other organisations are carrying out similar processes and the associated results are also available. The anonymised data is over 10 terabytes in size (which interestingly is the amount of data produced by the Hubble Space Telescope per year!) and will be split into different industry sectors as well as AuM. Access ProFundCom Benchmarking here

Market Sentiment

The chart below shows the sentiment across the main financial sectors in February 2021.

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19th March – Email Marketing 101: What Every Fund Needs to Know

Email marketing is one of the most important elements in any digital strategy and it is no different for hedge funds. It remains the most effective way to distribute regular communications such as factsheets and newsletters as well as ad-hoc updates and market commentary. What’s more, great analytics should then pave the way for the business development team to connect with a potential investor. There are pitfalls on the way though and in this 30-minute educational session, we’ll be looking at five key areas you need to get right to ensure your email marketing meets expectations. Register here

23rd March – Festival of Marketing

This virtual event will give you the confidence to plan in uncertain times, insight into how you can achieve more with less, as well as help you better determine more meaningful measures of success. Over three days, you will hear from some of the most innovative marketing organisations and insightful marketing thought leaders. Expect a mix of provocative, practical and punchy sessions that will provide practical guidance on everyday challenges. Register here

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