Hedge fund GLC improves marketing with the new release of ProFundCom

Published: 11 July, 2010

GLC has deployed the latest release ProFundCom’s hedge fund marketing platform to improve GLC’s marketing and investor relations processes.

The new release of ProFundCom has given a new dimension to the marketing intelligence that is available for hedge fund and asset management marketing teams. Commenting on the benefits of the new release from ProFundCom, Damien Lipman, project manager at GLC said, “ProFundCom’s new release has extended our ability to be more efficient and goal focussed with our marketing as well as provide valuable feedback to our Board of Directors and our marketers.”

ProFundCom has continually evolved from feedback from clients and this is apparent to Damien who added, “We have found ProFundCom’s specialisation in the alternative investment space is apparent in the way that the new release allows us even greater insight into what our clients actually want to receive, rather than what we think they want to see.”

“The new analysis of email and marketing engagement available in ProFundCom further improves the marketing process,” said Paul Das, Founder and Managing Director of ProFundCom, “We are grateful for all the feedback, good and bad, from existing and past clients that has lead up to our latest release – not to forget our development and testing teams.”

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