Published: 25 November, 2010

Engage the RIGHT investors with the RIGHT message – hedge fund marketing expert, Bryan Johnson.

Bryan Johnson, the Managing Partner of Johnson & Company recently commented that ProFundCom was essential for managers to raise in-flows in the current economic climate. Bryan said, “ProFundCom optimises a fund’s ability to meet the most important aspects of marketing and fundraising: appropriately, efficiently and intelligently engaging the RIGHT investors with the RIGHT message. Intelligent marketing and efficient fundraising are now mandatory for hedge funds to succeed, which means being better informed and more strategic in engaging investors. ProFundCom delivers critical quantitative and qualitative information that can compress the allocation process and deliver AUM more expediently. ProFundCom’s products and services are vital components to successfully meet the challenges of demanding investors and a hyper-competitive, capricious marketing and fundraising climate.”

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