Does Lead Scoring And Grading Work In Fund Marketing?

Published: 21 June, 2019

Lead scoring and grading works very well in fund marketing, as it can streamline your sales cycle and ensure that leads are well-qualified before they reach your sales team – saving money and time for both departments and, ultimately, boosting AuM.

You initiate scoring and grading by first developing interesting content and sending it out to your prospective investors. Then, by using an email tracking system like ProFundCom, you can set a scoring system that, for example, gives one point for opening an email, two points for clicking a link, three points for downloading an attachment etc etc. Prospects can then be automatically pushed into grades as soon as they score a certain number of points. This information should then be shared with your sales reps – who can look at all the leads, prioritise them based on grade, and assign for follow-up those that are most likely to invest in your fund.

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